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Ravenstone Manor - Lake District Dog Hotel

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

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In April 2022 we visited Ravenstone Manor in the Lake District for a break with two of our pooches. We’ve stayed at various dog friendly places over the years, but these guys know how to do it right!

From the moment we arrived we were put at ease and offered help with the dogs, especially as I had my hands full. A lovely member of the staff offered to help me to my room with one of the dogs. They also brought up a bowl of water to our room which was fantastic service.

The hotel itself was absolutely stunning, each room was beautifully decorated, we couldn’t believe that dogs were even allowed to stay here. The rooms felt fresh, clean, and well thought out with beautiful views and a nice garden area to sit with the dogs whilst looking out over the mountains. Within a minutes’ walk from the hotel there is a great walk through the woodland to a nearby café and seating area.

We find that a lot of dog friendly hotels say that they are dog friendly but then have a list of rules and places where the dogs aren’t allowed within the hotel. Here the dogs can literally go wherever you go. It was great to see so many dogs throughout the hotel sat in every room with their owners in a relaxed environment.

It was lovely being able to sit with our dogs whilst having breakfast/ dinner and not worrying about leaving them in the rooms.

The food was incredible with a wide range of meals, drinks and even had a cocktail selection to choose from. There were various cozy seating areas, one next to a real log fire which created a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

We would highly recommend this hotel and we will be going back in the near future, in a nutshell this hotel truly caters to both you and your fur babies.

Whether you are wanting a laid back vacation with your sausage dog, Pomeranian and pug or a massive hike with your spaniel, cockerpoo or lurcher, the lake district is the best place to visit.


Ravenstone Manor



CA12 4QG

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