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Inspired by our trips to Africa, surrounded by amazing wildlife, the vivid colours and magnificence is captured in this playful design.

  • Durable polyester and neoprene harness, which is lightweight, soft, and comfortable for everyday wear
  • Soft mesh breathable and quick-drying lining
  • Fully adjustable neck and chest straps
  • D-ring for lead attachment
  • Machine washable at 30’C

Mini But Mighty Savannah Harness

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  • Neck - Measure around your dog’s neck, where a collar would naturally sit. Allow two fingers width in your measurement.

    Chest - Measure around the widest part of your dog’s ribcage which is just behind their front legs.


    Neck (CM)

    Chest (CM)












    Suitable breed examples: This is only a rough size guide for breed, there can and will be variations. Dogs are just like us humans and we all know a medium will fit some better than others. Please make sure you measure your dog first. A guide can be found in the info section of each dog harness.

    Extra Extra Small: Chihuahua, Small Breed Puppies, Mini Dachshund, Toy Breeds, Miniature Maltese, Yorkie, Maltipoo, Poochon, Brussels Griffon, etc.

    Extra Small: Shihtzu, Mini Dachshund, Maltese, Yorkie, Maltipoo, Chihuahua , Brussels Griffon, Shihtzu, Pomeranian.

    Small: Mini Dachshund, Jack Russell, Bichon, Cockapoo, Yorkie, Cavapoo, Lhasa apso, Pug, Pomeranian.


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