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Our Natural Puppy Shampoo has been created with 100% of the finest dog-friendly ingredients and plant extracts - for gentle cleansing.

Fragrance Free - to introduce your puppy to bath time.

Sensitive Skin

An Allergy-Friendly formula for use on puppies aged 12 weeks and above to maintain skin and coat hygiene, perfect for pups no longer with their mothers. We have included Chamomile to care, nourish and support for young delicate skin.

Handmade in the UK

Gentle foaming and cleansing action, Easy rinsing for easy washing.

Wet the coat with warm water then either apply the formulation directly or diluted to the coat and gently massage to develop a lather followed by rinsing away with warm water. After rinsing towel dry the dogs coat and leave to fully dry.

Free from animal derived ingredients/ vegetarian/ vegan friendly/ Free from sulphates (SLES & SLS) synthetic colours/ alcohol/ silicone/ parabens/ fragrance free/ colour free/ Cruelty free Tested on Humans

Our products contain cosmetic grade ingredients and cosmetic grade ingredients are not allowed under the regulation to be tested on animals since March 2013


Gentle Puppy Shampoo with Chamomile

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